Launch X-431 PRO 5

Launch X-431 PRO 5 ,the innovative revolution of intelligent diagnosis. It opens the era of dual diagnostic modes (local diagnosis and SmartLink remote diagnosis). X-431 PRO 5 not only inherits the powerful diagnostic strength of PRO series, but also supports SmartLink remote diagnosis and request support from SmartLink B of the third-party diagnostic devices that support Launch’s diagnostic tools, J2534 and specialized detection equipment, with features not limited to the diagnostic functions of the device under control.

Features for X-431 PRO 5:

ملحقات جهاز التشخيص لانش برو 5
جهاز تشخيص سيارة – اجهزة تشخيص لانش – جهاز لانش

1. Innovative DUAL diagnostic mode: traditional local diagnosis and SmartLink super remote diagnosis
2. 15 special functions by local diagnosis, more by SmartLink remote diagnosis
3. Android 9.0 operating system for exceptional convenient, fast and efficient vehicle diagnosis
4. Intelligent diagnosis: quickly read vehicle VIN and license plate, check historical diagnostic and rapidly enter diagnostics.
5. Strong diagnostic function with accurate diagnostic data for all systems
6. Guided function for VW and Audi
7. Extend modules of LAUNCH videoscope and IMMO key matching
8. Support ADAS calibration
9. Multiple query services: view reports, diagnostic records and Check testable models
8. One-click upgrade and silent install of software
9. Integrated database with comprehensive vehicle service and repair information
10. Diagnostic records and reports can be stored in the cloud without any concern of data missing
11. Integrated lookup table of vehicle coverage
12- can send full diagnostic report from the Device to Client email directly
13- tow years warranty

Features for SmartLink C:

شنطة جهاز التشخيص من لانش X-431 PRO 5 Launch

1. Powerful VCI
2. Local J2534 tool

Extended modules

اداة التشخيص لانش X-431 PRO 5 Launch

ADAS Calibration system
X-431 HD3
Videoscope VSP-600
WI-FI printer
X-Prog Immopilizer programmer
X-Prog 3 Immopilizer programmer
TPMS tool X-431 TSGUN
BST360 Bluetooth Battery tester


X-431 Pro 5 Tablet specification
Display 10.1”, IPS 1920*1200
CPU 1.8GHz Octa-core
VCI SmartLink C
Memory 3G
Storage 32GB (expandable up to 128GB)
Camera 5MP Front camera + 8MP Rear camera
Wifi 2.4GHz/5GHz (dual frequency)
Dimension 267 * 191 * 33 mm


Smartlink VCI Specification


Display 3.97-inch TFT screen, 320*480 resolution
Operating Voltage DC 9V ~ 36V
Power Consumption < 6W
Memory 256M
Storage 8GB
Communication Mode Bluetooth (Local Diagnostic), Ethernet (Remote Diagnostic)
Dimension 204 * 110 * 45 mm


special function

  1. Brake reset.
  2. Oil reset.
  3. SAS reset.
  4. Battery match.
  5. ABD bleeding.
  6. Electronic Throttle Relearn.
  7. TPMS reset.
  8. Immobilizer.
  9. DPF regeneration.
  10. Gear Learning.
  11. Injector coding.
  12. Gearbox learning.
  13. Headlamp Reset.
  14. Sunroof initialaization.
  15. Suspinsion reset.
  16. adaptive front-lighting system (AFS) reset.
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