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A/C refrigerant charging hose 1.5 M

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Car A/C Refrigerant Pro R-134A Heavy Duty Charging Hose for Air Conditioning

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A/C gas Charging Hoses 1.5 M


Product Description


Material: brass + plastic

Color: red/blue/yellow

Length: 1.5m / 59 inch

Pipe diameter: 11mm

Screw thread: 1/4 “SAE-1/4” SAE

Working pressure: (3000~600)PSI



Suitable for test R12, R22, R134, R404, R502

600 PSI Max. working pressure, 3000 PSI burst

Car air conditioner refrigerant three-color
charging hose.

High pressure, oil-resistant, durable, wear-resistant,

Refrigerant pipe was using full brass joints,
corrosion resistance, high sealability.


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