air Operated Oil Collecting Machine

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Air Operated Oil Collecting


This unit includes a 10 liters transparent chamber that can be used as a vacuum reservoir and allows an immediate inspection of the extracted waste oil. Machine main tank is 70 liters to assure maximum number of cars been drained before the need to drain the machine and clean it. Once depressurized, they work autonomously anywhere because they do not require continuous connection to the compressed-air system. Funnel on the top is suitable for draining the engine oil from any motor vehicle by gravity from bellow, (with vehicles placed on auto lift or pit) and with probe. The transparent chamber allows the quantity and quality of the waste oil to be inspected immediately.

Unit specifications:

· Made in china with Europe specifications.

· 4 wheels for easy movement.

· Main tank with capacity to hold 70 liters.

· 10 liters transparent chamber to inspect the waste oil.

· Top funnel to for draining using gravity.


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