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Auto Repair Sleeve Tool Set 1/4 Ratchet

150.00 ر.س

46-Piece Compact And Convenient Mechanics Quick Ratchet Sleeve Auto Repair Tool Set and including ratchet wrenches, Sleeve Adapter and more

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Auto Repair Sleeve
Tool Set 1/4 Ratchet

46 Piece Sleeve Set Tool Auto Repair Sleeve Tool
Set 1/4 Ratchet Small Quick Wrench Set

Spanner Socket Set

Screwdriver Ratchet Wrench

Car Repair Tools

Spanner Socket Set

Combination Hand Tool

Screwdriver handle can be matched with the
batch head (a cross T-shaped plum blossom sleeve head hex extension rod
universal joint can accommodate the curved rod).

The socket is made of high-quality chrome
vanadium steel 50 bv30 cold-formed, the torque is 50% higher than that of
carbon steel, the surface treatment is with chrome, and the anti-rust effect is
good. The batch head adopts cr-v material, which has stronger hardness and
higher toughness.

The fast-release ratchet wrench (both positive
and negative), the button quick release function ensures that the socket is
securely locked during use, and it can be easily removed or quickly replaced
with greasy or greasy fingers.

Our high quality 45-tooth ratchets increase
operating speed. It is an open throttle, and the set of small screws and nuts
commonly used in air conditioners, seat nuts, tire fenders, door locks, and
household (basically included) is a perfect tool.

Configuration table:

1. Short sleeve (4 4.5 5 5.5 6 7
8 9 10 11 12 13 14 )

2. Batch head word
(4 5.5 7 )

Cross (1 2 3) meters
(1 2 3 )

Hexagon (3 4 5 6 7 8)

Flower pattern
(10 15 20 25 30 40)

3. Slider

4. Small square pole

5. Small flying ratchet wrench

6.2 inch 4 inch post

7. Universal joint

8. Hex key (1.2 2 2.5)

9.6 inch flexible post

10.AD electrical adapter

11. Curved rod

Colour: Yello

Material: chrome vanadium steel

Size: 245*130*48mm

Package Contents:

1 x repair kit (46 pcs)


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