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Blue Adjustable Quick Coupler

40.00 ر.س

Adjustable R134A Adapter Fittings Quick Coupler High Low AC Freon Manifold Gauge Hose Conversion kit

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Blue or Red Adjustable Quick Coupler

Product Specifications:

Material: Copper & Aluminum & Bronze

High Side Coupler Color: Red

Low Side Coupler Color: Blue

Adapters: 1/4″ male flare

Couplers Interface: adjustable adapters & detachable couplers

Quick and Easy Connect/Disconnect with High Flow Rate

Compatibility: A/C manifold gauge sets (R-134A)



Detachable & Adjustable

Adjustable Coupler Connector Adapter Fitting for AC R134A Manifold Gauge
Hose Set.

R-134A adapter is detachable which is the easier operation than normal

Perfect for A/C manifold gauge sets.

Unique Design

R-134A adapter is constructed with accurate snap lock and knurled grip
ring easy operation and great performance, detachable copper adapter for easy

R-134A adapter is the adjustable coupler interface fits R134A service

The adjustable coupler offers universal compatibility for all models.

Six-ball Style

This R134A coupler adapter is compatible with all models due to its 6
balls bearing design which can meet all demands you need.

comes with 2 pieces copper 1/4″ male flare adapter for your

Please connect bottoms with vehicle’s R134A service port; connect the
ACME adapter with the refrigerant hose; turn on/off the switch at top to turn
it on/off.


How to use:

1.         Connect bottoms with
R134a service port.

2.         Connect the ACME adapter
with the refrigerant hose.

3.         Turn on/off the switch
at top.


un-adjustable couplers are NOT compatible with European models.


Package Including:

1 x Red: High Side Quick Connector/Adapter




1 x Blue: Low Side Quick Connector/Adapter



every adapter sold separately.



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