Car AT service station

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The car’s automatic transmission service station with an internal heater can exchange A/T fluids safely within a few minutes with more functions as AT flush.

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ATF Equivalent


((Exchange, Flush, Auto. Fluid Exchange Pressure Regulation and more))

 ایک خودکار سیال دباؤ ریگولیٹر تبدیل کرنے کے ساتھ پرانے نظام کے اوشیش کے ساتھ پورے gearbox کے تیل کی صفائی کے نظام کی تبدیلی 

Product Description:

  • Integrates automatic transmission fluid exchange, automatic transmission fluid adjustment and automatic transmission cleaning based on a totally new design concept.
  • Its microcontroller, LCD display, membrane keypad operation, electronic scale weighing makes realize the easy operation, high automation and stable functions. It’s a good helper for workshops.
  • Automatic identification of oil out/in direction
  • Replaceable filter makes easy cleaning of auto AT
  • Accurate oil exchange under the control of the load cell
  • Automatically drain out the fluid inside the New and Used oil tank
  • Complete adaptors for American, European, Asian car makes


Auto transmission fluid exchange, auto transmission system flushing, transmission fluid adjustment Features:

  1. Automatically identify out and return flow direction of the fluid, preventing adverse consequences of disoperation.
  2. The electronic valve controls the flow direction, preventing cross contamination of the new and old fluid.
  3. Power supply has positive and negative self-correcting recognition function, to avoid damage to equipment control unit
  4. Monitored by electronic load cell and flow sensor, to double ensure that replacement precision
  5. The usage of integrated functional pipeline modules ensures reliable operation of equipment
  6. A variety of alarm/indication information and automatic protection measures prevents damage to Automatic Transmission System
  7.  Membrane keypad, LCD screen, simple operation, abundant human-machine interactive information
  8. Artistic shape, easy to move Functions



a. A/T fluid equivalent exchange

b. A/T fluid volume adjustment (add, discharge)

c. Automatic discharging of old fluid

d. Circulation cleaning

e. Automatic protection of new fluid shortage

f. Alarm of high fluid level in the tanks

g. Exchange volume settable

h. Timing of circulation cleaning

 i. Automatic regulation of fluid exchange pressure

 j. Automatically determine if the left capacity of old fluid tank can meet the demand of the exchange

k. View window of new and old fluid level

L. system parameters setting


System Parameters Setting

a. language: English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Chinese (Other language upon request).

b. contrast setting

c. version information inquiry

d. unit setting Specifications Power supply AC220V or 110V Pump speed: 1600rpm, 120W New fluid supply 3.0L/Min Used fluid return/drainage 4.5L/Min (return); 5L/Min (drainage) New/Used fluid tank capacity 25L Load cell range 40Kg Equivalent exchange accuracy ±30ml Pressure gauge range 0~10 bar LCD screen size 135(L)*80(W) mm Hose length 1.5m (Drain), 3.0m (Out and Return)



Power supply
AC220V or 110V
speed: 1600rpm, 120W
New fluid supply
Used fluid return/drainage
New/Used fluid tank capacity
 Load cell range
 Equivalent exchange accuracy
 Pressure gauge range
 0~10 bar


 LCD screen size
 Hose length
1.5m(Drain), 3.0m(Out and Return) 



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