Car Brake lathe machine


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Brake lathe machines are designed to keep your brake service inside your workshop and they come with multi-speed and stop sensors for safety.

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Brake Lathing Machine


Continuously Variable Speed Brake Lathe

General View

  1. AM-552 can work with various types of vehicles directly for lathing.
  2. It is upgraded and remodelled according to customer-oriented perspectives, which can make it easier and safer when resurfacing.
  3. It can completely solve the problem of brake pedal dithering, brake disc rust, brake deviation and brake noise based on the actual axis of rotation by lathing the defective brake disk in a professional way.
  4. contain safety switch to shut off the machine automatically when finish the lathing of the disk.
  5. speed switch to adjust the rotation speed depending on the brake disk type to assure the best lathing.

6- Save cost, shorten the repair time, and reduce the client’s complaint.

Technical specifications:

Product name: Brake lathe dual functions

Model AM-552

Working height min/max:1m

Drive speed:150rpm with speed control switch.

Electrical specifications:220v/60Hz

Ambient temperature range: -30 to 60c

Car brake disc max diamater:500mm

Car brake disc thickness:6-40mm

Cutting accuracy:0.00-0.003mm

Brake disc runout:0.00-0.005mm with Auto stop switch

Brake disc thickness variation:0.005-0.01mm

Brake disc surface roughness: 1.5-2.0mm



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