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dual pump ultra Low hydraulic floor jack 3T

550.00 ر.س

Dual Pump very low profile 3 tons Heavy Duty hydraulic car floor jack stand is the perfect tool for automotive maintenance workshop that must exist in every garage

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3 tons Hydraulic jack



Made of high-quality heavy-duty
steel to ensure a long
lasting use.

The safety bypass system prevents
overloading and ensures safe operation.

Ideal for most cars, light trucks,
and SUVs.

Equipped with two large steel
wheels and two 360-degree swivel wheels providing extra stability.

Equipped with rubber pads to
ensure stability during use. The trolly has a durable design that makes it easy
to use.



Hydraulic jacks are the ideal and
most important tool for Auto workshop.



Impact lift payload of 3 tons

Maximum weight: 3 tons

Minimum height:8.5cm

Maximum height:51cm

Hand Height: 129.5cm

Length: 69cm

Width: 39cm

Streamlined design and high rigidity.

An integrated safety valve against

The color is yellow.


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