Launch X-431 Pad 3 V2.0

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Launch X-431 PAD III V2.0


X-431 PAD III V2.0 is the high-end diagnostic equipment newly launched by Launch, integrating the Launch excellent diagnostic technology and making many improvements and innovations. It has deeply optimized the system layer, greatly improved the system response speed, and optimized the user experience.


•Optimization of operation

•Optimization diagnostic application enhance operation fluency and the higher data stream refresh speed.

•Preset tool applications.

•Simplified the device setup.

•High-end hardware configuration

Common Points

•Intelligent Diagnosis

Automatically identify vehicle information and check maintenance records online

•Remote Diagnosis

With Bluetooth communication with car

•Diagnostic Feedback

Provide diagnostic feedback support when you are faced with the problem during the diagnosis.

•One-click Upgrade.

One-click upgrade to update new version of software quickly.

•Diagnostic Software Clear

Diagnostic Software Clear function to clean up the unnecessary software one time.


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