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Mechanic Metal Magnetic Tray

27.00 ر.س

This tray has Permanent magnet with rubber scratch guard and Can be used horizontally, vertically, or upside down with 2 large magnets this stainless-steel parts tray allows you to store nuts, bolts, tools, etc. magnetically.

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mechanic metal magnetic tray

This magnetic tray helps prevent missing or misplaced parts, fasteners, and tools, while the soft rubber cover on the magnetic base prevents damage to the finished surface.

The magnetic tray is made of heavy-duty polished stainless steel, and the tools and fasteners are not scattered.

Place nuts, bolts, parts, and gadgets within the work area.

You can mount the magnetic tray horizontally, vertically, or even upside down to
the hood, fender or any other ferrous metal surface.



Square Magnetic Tray

Stainless steel, Magnet

Storage nuts and bolts, parts, and small tools

Tool storage, magnetic, parts plate, anti-lost, soft rubber, prevent damage, practical and convenient

applicable to garages, service stations, workshops, and inside trucks vans.


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