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This car Oxygen Sensor Socket Set is a special purpose, universal slotted socket that services hex vacuum switches and oxygen sensors

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Oxygen Sensor Wrench
Set 7pcs 


Material: CRV complex vanadium steel

Surface treatment: blackening

Square head size: 1/2-inch, 3/8 inch

Square head specifications: 12.5 mm, 10 mm

Head shape: 6 corners, 12 corners

Weight: 2.135 kg

Scope of application: auto repair and
mechanical repair


Features: strong and durable material, long
service life, high strength, wide applicability, easy to use

package Contains:

•           connector:
29×90 mm (7 mm slot)

•           connector: 27
mm (12 square) with length 78 mm

•           connector:
7/8 inch with length 90 mm (18 mm slot)

•           connector:
1/16-inch with74 mm length

•           connector:
7/8-inch 30x80mm (7mm slot)

•           connector:
22x90mm (7mm slot)

•           connector:
22mm with size 50x58mm


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