Two post Clear Floor Car Lift

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Two post car lifts specialized designed to handle all your auto lift needs inside the garage with 4-ton capacity and 3.3 K. W motor.

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2 Post Lift Baseless 4 Ton

گلوبل کار چور سپلائر سے اعلی معیار کی کار چور مصنوعات 

Product Description

CE approval 4Tons Clear Floor Car Hoist


Product Features:

  • Oil cylinder parts made by automatic high rotation speed CNC lathe ensure the excellent finish and concentricity.
  • Japanese oil sealing elements, overload protection, international brand oil pipe
  • Direct drive twin cylinders, with safety steel wire as synchronization
  • Polymer wear-resistance slider
  • Single side safety control both side unlocked safety, arm locks with tooth type ratchet, multi-safety device, more reliable
  • Gate type, for easier operation, no obstruction onto the floor
  • Roof protection safety device, automatic arm lock by built in ratchet tooth.
  • Shot blasting and high temperature baking powder coated surface finish.
  • Door opening protection rubber as standard.
  • The overall design is suitable for tire tear open outfit, chassis maintenance, oil changes and maintenance, engineering vehicles such as regular vehicle maintenance; (suitable for conventional garage and service station to purchase)
  • 3 stage lower telescopic arm
  • 3stage Screw-up pads suitable for low chassis vehicle as well as SUVs, makes easy and quick service.
  • Single side safety control, arm locks with tooth type ratchet, multi-safety

device, more reliable.

Technical specifications


  • ·         Lift Capacity 4000kg
  • Power of motor 3.3KW
  • Min height 85/105 mm
  • Power supply 380V
  • Car max lifting height   1870mm.
  • Height of the post 3900 mm
  • Inner Width between posts 2860mm
  • Total width 3420mm
  • Rise time(approx..) 30s
  • Drop time(approx..) 30s.


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