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Two Way 10L Pneumatic ATF exchanger

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Two Way Air Pneumatic ATF car Transmission fluid Dispenser and Refill System for exchanging Oil

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Two Way 10L Pneumatic ATF exchanger


Two Way 10L Pneumatic Air Engine Gear ATF Oil & Fluid Extractor & Dispenser

Two Way 10L Pneumatic ATF exchanger


Two Way 10L auto transmission Oil Extractor & Dispenser is used to extract, transfer, and dispense fluid quickly, safely, and cleanly.

It is suitable to extract and dispense engine oil, auto transmission Oil, machine oil…etc.

Provided with the safety valve, pre-setting 43 psi (3 Bar), the exceed pressure will be released automatically.

Provided with the pressure gauge which can be read and control the pressure in the tank more easily.

• Screw valve to allow easy change in the action of extracting or dispensing.

High flow control valve for extracting fluid more quickly.

10 L capacity reservoir with a volume guide for controlling fluid more easily.

13 different connectors to assure ability to work with most types of cars.

Package weight: 3.7 kg

Package Size (L x W x H): 28.00 x 23.00 x 52.00


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