Universal Radiator Pressure Tester 28 pcs

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Automotive Radiator Pressure Leak Tester for Vacuum Type Cooling System Coolant Pressure For Universal Vehicle

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 Universal Radiator
Pressure Tester 28 pcs


Easy to use and install.

Made of practical and high quality materials,
wear-resistant and rust-proof.

The storage box can protect and store tools and
accessories safely.

With an accurate pressure gauge, you can read
the pressure value clearly during operation.

Suitable for 98% of the types of cars available
in the market.


Made of plastic + metal

Scale diameter: 50mm / 2.0in

Tube Length: 500mm / 19.7 in

Air inlet diameter: 7 mm / 0.3 inch

Bevel joint diameter: 4mm / 0.2in

Coolant hose connection diameter: 8mm / 0.3in

Radiator cover diameter: 8 mm / 0.3 in

Package size: 600 * 500 * 105 mm

Package weight: 5.2 kg



28 pcs Universal Radiator  Pressure and leaking Tester


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