Vertical Transmission Jack 0.5 T

700.00 ر.س يضاف لها ضريبة القيمة المضافة

professional quality Heavy Duty Hydraulic Vertical Transmission Jack For use on gearbox removal and heavy components and can lift up to 500 Kilogram and made delicate adjustment during lifting and maintenance with Foot pedal operation to ke

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Vertical Transmission
Jack 0.5 T

Featuring high speed lift to gearbox – just lift piston.

Foot pedal operation keeps hands-free.

Spring loaded dead man’s safety release control reduces the risk
of inadvertent lowering.

Castors for easy maneuverability.

Minimum Hight: 129.5cm

Maximum hight:200cm

Arm’s Length:62cm

Arms Width:58cm

Plate Length:34.5cm

Width of Plate: 20.5cm

Hight from floor: 6.5cm


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