Shipping and delivery

Please note that: the official working days in CompuCar are from Saturday to Thursday. Fridays and public holidays are holidays for all Compu-Car employees and for shipping companies.

All prices are not including shipping  and once you start the checkout process the estimated shipping price will be calculated at your shopping cart

If the client’s location is in Different city and the client wish to ship the goods to his location, then we will calculate the shipping cost and add it to the final invoice to be paid with the total amount. 

We have facilitated the shipping process, so we offer you the easiest shopping experience ever.

Shipping Companies:

Shipping is available to all regions of the Kingdom where Compu-Car use DHL for normal goods and special shipping method for heavy equipment to assure safety and fast arrival.

When will I receive the order?

We will ship your order after we:

  • After Confirm the order

 Inside Riyadh and Jeddah:

Within a maximum of 72 working hours of order confirmation, the order may be overstretched in case of pressure on orders.

Other cities in the Kingdom:

 A maximum of 2 to 5 working days after order confirmation may be more than that in case of pressure on orders.

After that you will not need to wait too long; we will provide the customer with the shipment number after the order has been shipped.

  In case the customer wishes to recharge the customer shall bear the cost of returning the shipment and the cost of shipping it again

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