Engine Crane 2 Tons

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Engine hoist or engine crane is used to easily remove, install or swap out vehicle engines transmissions and other parts in the car during repair and with Durable frame Constructed of high-grade steel with lifting capacity up to 2 tons and

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Engine Crane 2 Tons

Heavy-duty hydraulic folding
engine hoist is perfect for shops t

hat have limited space but still need the
pure lifting convenience of a crane


A must-have for lifting engines,
machinery, and all heavy components

Folding design is easy to
transmission and store, Ideal for moving, repair, maintenance, and assembly

Four adjustable legs provide
greater stability

360-degree swivel wheels provide
easy maneuvering and positioning

2-ton capacity with
LIFTING RANGE: 0-2000 mm

Length: 146cm

Width: 89cm

Height: 145cm

Minimum height:50com

Maximum height:183cm

Arm length with capacity 2-ton:

Arm length with capacity 1.5-ton:

Arm length with capacity 1-ton: 131cm

Arm length with capacity 0.5-ton:


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