1. Warranty:

Warranty applies to parts, electronic devices, and diagnostic and programming tools for two years from the invoice date.

Maintenance equipment and tools (sprayers, air conditioning maintenance tools, lathes, gearbox oil change tools, and jacks, etc.) have a one-year warranty.

Tools and hand tools have no warranty and can be replaced within 7 days from the invoice date if there is a manufacturing defect in the part.

All parts and free gifts are not covered by the warranty.

2. General Exceptions Not Covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty:

  • Defects or malfunctions caused by misuse, non-compliance with instructions, negligence, accidents, vandalism, maintenance not in accordance with product recommendations, or neglect of maintenance.
  • If the serial numbers are tampered with, changed, or the CompuCar warranty sticker or the manufacturer’s warranty sticker is tampered with or removed.
  • The cost of replacing lost or worn parts (buttons, cables, accessories, plugs or PDs, bulbs, batteries, etc.).
  • Paint defects, scratches, and problems due to inaccurate installations not authorized by the factory.
  • CompuCar is only responsible for manufacturing defects and does not bear the consequences of misuse of the device/part, which leads to damage to any of its components due to the customer’s negligence. In this case, the device will be serviced outside the warranty and the customer will bear the cost of servicing.
  • Not following the operating instructions carefully will result in the malfunction being considered misuse. The customer’s failure to read the operating instructions does not exempt them from responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Neglecting periodic maintenance of equipment.
    • Not replacing consumables such as filters and bellows.
    • Not replacing jack oils annually.
    • Not adjusting the cables of the jacks periodically.
    • Not cleaning the equipment periodically and protecting it from weather factors such as dust and rain.
    • Not performing periodic monthly updates for electronic equipment and diagnostic tools as the updates contain security and preventive updates.
    • Continuing to operate the device when there are strange noises coming from the device.
    • Violent use of the devices.
    • Working incorrectly with the device or any operations that do not comply with the operating instructions.

3. Returns and Replacements:

  • Diagnostic and programming tools, electronic equipment, maintenance equipment, and tools are not returnable or exchangeable.
  • Cables, plugs or PDs, supplies, accessories, and spare parts are not returnable or exchangeable.
  • If there is a manufacturing defect that cannot be repaired, the product will be replaced with another product of the same type and category.
  • Tools and equipment are not returnable at all. They can be replaced with another piece at the same price, provided that it is in its new condition and has not been used, and in the original packaging. The replacement must be made within (7 working days).
  • If there is a price difference upon replacement, the customer will be given a purchase voucher for the difference amount, which will be valid for (3 months) only.
  • If the customer purchases a product with a gift and wants to return it due to a product defect or manufacturing defect, the value of the gift will be deducted from the amount if the customer has used it.
  • The customer is not entitled to return or exchange any piece or free gift.
  • In case of returning the product due to a product defect, a defect from the manufacturing company, or due to delivery of the wrong/incorrect product, no additional shipping or bank transfer fees will be charged.

4. Delivery and Shipping:

  • Shipping is done according to the methods approved by CompuCar. If the customer wishes to use a different shipping method, the shipping will be the customer’s responsibility and CompuCar will not be responsible for any damage or delay resulting from the shipping.
  • The device/part will be delivered/shipped to the customer in a new condition within a maximum of 3 working days from the date of full payment of the invoice amount (if the devices/parts require preparation by CompuCar).
  • CompuCar is not responsible for the customer’s delay in receiving the device/part for a maximum of 7 working days from the date of purchase (if the customer wishes to transfer the value of the device/part and receive it from one of the branches), and the invoice amount will not be refunded in case of non-receipt.

5. Maintenance:

  • In case of manufacturing defects of the guaranteed devices/parts, maintenance will be free of charge during the warranty period without any fees.
  • The customer will bear the full cost of maintenance after the specified warranty period has expired or if the malfunction is due to misuse.
  • If the device is out of warranty or it is proven that the customer has misused it, a fee of 150 riyals will be paid for inspection to determine the malfunction of the device upon delivery and will be deducted from the total maintenance fees.
  • The customer is solely responsible for delivering the device that needs maintenance to the CompuCar Service Center in Jeddah. CompuCar is not responsible for collecting devices from the customer’s location for maintenance.
  • Jacks and scales are exempt from the delivery condition, and the cost of the visit and inspection will be determined according to the customer’s city.

6. General Terms:

  • All basic prices of the equipment do not include installation or delivery to the customer’s location, and the costs of shipping or delivery and installation are added separately from the price of the devices.
  • CompuCar has the right to test the device/part in any way it deems appropriate before delivering the device/part to the customer to ensure its safety and fitness for work.
  • The customer is considered to be aware of the type of device/part and its program, and the responsibility for operating the device/part and working on cars lies solely with the customer.
  • This invoice is considered one indivisible part with regard to prices. In case of return or exchange, CompuCar has the right to distribute the prices in a way that suits its interests.
  • No device will be delivered until the full invoice amount is paid.
  • Any additional notes, requests, or agreements will not be considered unless they are added to the original invoice notes.
  • This invoice is not considered valid or recognized unless it bears the official stamp and signature.
  • If the customer wishes to ship and install the jacks or the electronic scale at his own expense, the warranty for the quality of installation and shipping is on the customer and not on CompuCar. The warranty will only apply to the manufacturing defects of the jack or the scale.
  • Additional fees will be determined by CompuCar management for training/installation/maintenance on devices/parts that do not require training/installation/maintenance or the presence of a technician in the customer’s area/workshop.