Customer Rights (Pre-Purchase):

  • The right to know detailed equipment prices and any additional fees.
  • The right to receive the service as agreed upon, in compliance with the terms and conditions stated on the invoice. Any exceptions to the invoice terms are to be added to the invoice with their associated costs, if any.
  • The right to obtain a copy of the invoice, signed and authenticated, and to take a copy of it at any time upon request, taking into consideration the retention period, which is two years from the date of issuance.
  • The right to receive a receipt—either paper or electronic—for any amount or installment, specifying the type of service paid for, the payment amount, and the date.
  • The right to receive service at all Compu-Car branches, without limiting the provision of certain services to specific branches, except for maintenance services provided at the maintenance center according to the terms and conditions of the sales invoice.
  • The right to confidentiality of their information and communications, which are guaranteed and may not be accessed except by official order from the competent authorities.
  • The right to receive a clear, accurate, and detailed invoice, free of charge, sent to them either physically or electronically and in Arabic or English, as per their choice.
  • The right not to be charged for any financial consideration except for requested services.
  • The right to refund any excess amounts paid, within 14 days at most from the date of discovery, or to have them added to their account with Compu-Car, if agreed upon by the customer.
  • The right to file a complaint through any available means, whether electronically, via telephone, or in person, provided that the complaint is submitted directly to the main center and not within sales outlets.
  • The right to have their complaint processed within a period not exceeding 15 days from the date of submission, provided that it is submitted to the main center.
  • The right to escalate the complaint to the Ministry of Commerce if the deadline expires without the service provider resolving the complaint or if they are dissatisfied with the provided solution.

Customer Responsibilities (Post-Purchase):

  • Reviewing the terms, conditions, and obligations carefully.
  • Checking the equipment, confirming its quality, specifications, and origin certificate, and knowing the type of device or part before purchasing it.
  • Knowing the details of periodic maintenance and the warranty details for each device or part.
  • Knowing the type of free or paid services provided as after-sales services for the requested device or part.
  • Requesting details of any additional services and their costs, if applicable.
  • Requesting details and a receipt and invoice for each amount paid.
  • Settling the due amounts within the specified periods on the invoice to avoid equipment delivery suspension, warranty suspension, and after-sales service cessation.
  • Following the instructions sent to the registered number on the invoice regarding equipment use, periodic maintenance, and updates.
  • Committing to the periodic maintenance operations for the equipment and updating them regularly according to the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

Unified Number: 920009807