Launch VSP- 600 Videoscope

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Endoscope camera for inspection and observation of places cannot be directly observed by human eyes like car engines and closed mechanical parts.

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Launch VSP-600 Videoscope 


The Pre-inspect and after- inspect Process are Visible

Without Extensive Disassembly of the Components

Easy to Detect the Damage of Internal Components

View real-time internal structure of vehicle on the 4.3 TFT display, VSP-808 can record high-definition pictures up to 30

Features and Technical Parameters

View, record and save images and videos

Take images easily with one-click snapshot button

Easy to adjust the strength of light (6 levels)

View and save images/videos on Launch X-431 scanner

Viewable angle: 60℃-℃65

Cable length: 2M

Product Parameters

Items VSP-600

Len O.D. (mm) 5.5mm

Tube O.D. (mm) 4.8mm

Tube Length 800mm

USB Cable Length 1/9

Resolution  1280×720


Temperature 0℃~65℃

Power Supply  5V

USB Port USB2.0/Type C/Micro USB


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