Auto Panel Trim Removal Tool 11 pcs kit

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Auto panel Trim Kit for Easy Removal of Car Door Panels, Fasteners, Molding, Dashboards and Wheel Hubs, Radio and more.

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Auto Panel Trim Removal Tool 11 pcs kit

Auto Panel Trim Removal Tool 11 pcs kit comes with 11 pcs different kinds of door panel removal tools, excellent for Automotive Trim removal and installation, including Door Panels, Moldings, Window Trims, Clips, Fasteners, Emblems, Panels, Radios, etc.

PROTECT CAR interior by using Our car tools that are made of impact-resistant nylon material, it will not scratch or damage to car paint in the whole modification process.

This auto tool kit adopts an ergonomic design with super lightweight and easy handheld features which effectively effort saving for various interior and exterior car work with all Plastic clips in the car.

It Comes with a portable storage case to Store All of Your Tools After Use.

PACKAGE INCLUDE 11 different pcs for car interior trim disassemble tools.


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