Launch O2-1 Scopebox

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O2-1 Scopebox

Featuring a new design and upgraded hardware, the LAUNCH O2-1 Scope Box is a versatile easy to use module that detects high level faults on various electrical components, such as sensors, actuators and circuits. By integrating with the X-431 series scan tools via O2-1 application, the O2-1 delivers accurate and conclusive diagnostic faults that enable the shop and technician to enlarge its scan tool’s functionality.

Features the ability to record and playback high-resolution waveform data for future analysis. One key enable function
allows the user to capture a particular waveform which makes the process 70% more dfficient as compared to other scopes.
Access to 23 variants of automatic measurements that are displayed on one screen for an easy switch.
Ability to input names and characters directly by clicking on the virtual keyboard, this operation streamlines the process and contributes to 90% efficiency.

Buffer memory up to 50M.
Use the zoom in/out feature to review precise details
Customizable personal system settings that can be saved as configuration files for viewing
The self-calibration function allows optimization of the oscilloscope signal path for maximum measurement accuracy.
Magnifies waveform math operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and FFT function for high level waveform analysis.
Multiple automotive tests that include circuits, sensors, actuators, ignition tests and more.
USB Sync Data Transfer to external devices such as laptop, tablet, etc….

Channels 4
Bandwidth 100MHz
Rising time ≤3.5ns (typical)
Accuracy ±3%
Input impedance 1MΩ±1.5%
Input type Single-ended, BNC connector
Input coupling DC, AC
Overload protection ±200V on single input
Timebase ranges 50ns~1ks (1 channel), 100ns~1ks (2 channels), 200ns~1ks (4 channels)
Vertical resolution 8bits
Buffer memory 50M (for 4 channels)
Power interface USB port, DC IN port
Data exchange via USB
Trigger mode Normal, Auto and Single SEQ
Advanced triggers  Edge, Pulse width


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